Following Plato

How a pelican, in this case aptly named Plato, sheds some light on how appearances can often mask reality.

Large and stocky, the Brown Pelican is one of two species of Pelicans found in the Americas that dive for their food. Generally unattractive by most standards and a bit goofy looking at best, the Brown Pelican appears clumsy  in movement and with features that seem disproportionate to its size. Despite this, it's been my favorite bird for as long as I can remember. More time observing Plato, a name seemingly well suited to this pelican, illustrates how form and function usually combine in nature to satisfy both need and purpose, whatever they may be.

The images presented in this body of work are intended to present my feathered friend for the whimsically elegant and sprightly pilot that it is, albeit in a manner that will hopefully amuse and entertain.