Norm Ramsey

" To photograph: it is to put on the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart." - Henry Cartier-Bresson

We are exposed to visual stimulation daily. Much of the time, a preoccupation with the demands of daily life prevent us from appreciating the endless beauty and allure that surrounds us. At times, however, we can't help but be drawn into the magic of the physical world as it transforms what is before our eyes into an emotion, a sentiment, a memory or an experience that is much more than simply what we are looking at. Our individual life experiences begin to form an image, which is a reflection of not just what we see, but, to a greater degree, how we perceive it. And once that image is transformed into a photograph, each viewer will leave having experienced it in a slightly different way, or not at all.

Generally, there are three aspects to the images produced in my photography.

First, each embodies the fascination and intrigue that I feel for the subject matter being photographed.

Second, the context within which the subject matter is rendered is based on the life experience I bring to the image. In other words, how do I interpret or perceive what I'm about to shoot. Perhaps the response to the subject is emotional, or possibly cognitive, but always imaginably an experience using the subject matter as catalyst.

And third is the process and work flow used in attempting to convey that response to the viewer. This includes everything from initial camera settings right through the final post editing steps.Although the basic principles of photography haven't changed, over the years a photographer's ability to shape and express his or her creative vision has certainly been enhanced by virtue of the digital darkroom .

Thank you for visiting my site. I sincerely hope you enjoy the images presented as much as I've enjoyed creating them. Visit often as new images will be added regularly as the site is updated. As always, your comments and opinions are greatly appreciated. -Norm Ramsey